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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating keyword rich and relevant content for your web pages so they appear higher in the natural organic search results.

Have you ever wondered how a website gets to the top of Google? Firstly, it takes a lot of hard work ensuring the content on your website is relevant to the search term. You also have to consider your website load speed is fast and that your site works on mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones.

Content will always be king
Optimising your website content so it is relevant to your customer search request enables your website to be found easier in search engines. If your content is relevant to the search term, your website will be placed higher on the results page for that specific search term people are using.

Search engines have an algorithm that takes into account many different factors when deciding where your website should be placed in the search results.

Speed is everything
Ensuring your website has a fast load speed is very important to SEO. Google loves fast loading sites, which means your images need to optimised to speed up content delivery. The code used to build your website needs to clean and error free too. If your website is hosted on a slow server this could also have an impact on your ranking.

Google Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you are building a new website or you need SEO friendly pages for your current one, I’m here to help your business achieve better search results.

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